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This site is designed to provide you with all sorts of resources  Not only will you find materials specific to your class (based on the college you are attending), but you will also find materials and other resources to help you be a better writer, reader, and thinker.


For materials you may have missed, or misplaced, click on your campus above.  Then, click on the class in which you are enrolled.  Please keep in mind that some materials may be large in size, and so, before you starting printing things, make sure of the page count.  I have saved most everything either as a Microsoft Word document or a PDF.  You also have the option of not printing anything and simply reading the text on your smart phone, tablet, or iPad.  If the material is something that you will have to turn in, such as a worksheet, you will want to print out the page(s).


As always, you can email your questions to me.

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